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Public Service Hole

any cock, any load, any time, no questions asked
know your purpose

Finally, align your hole to the gloryhole and be a good cumdump

After 5 or 10 loads you might start to leak cum so make sure to lick it up off the floor and his cock before the next guy fucks you

Excellent example of servicing two cocks at the same time without paying attention to his own.

It’s important your superiors all see the lengths you’ll go to to serve them

Now that you've found a booth, get on your knees and see what's on the other side of the wall to service first.

Treat every cock with dignity and respect and hold it in your hand with reverence before you service it. And lose that shirt, clothing is intrusive in a gloryhole.

Once you've checked your clothes, you start looking for a vacant pen.

There's always room for one more.

Be sure to clean up your workspace when you arrive

In case there’s any confusion or doubt about how it works that be a public service hole.

Hikes in the woods will keep you fit and full of cum

Obviously being a public service hole excludes the use of condoms. The goal is to always have multiple loads in your ass. Any cock, any load, any time, no questions asked.